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Ortopedia Christian offers you the best services and products to wellness and healthcare. In our company, we are able to discover a new World of posibilitites.

We have new products to increase your quality of life.

Now that the summer has just arrived, get ready for the new season ans enjoy the vacations. Don´t think about to stay at home...

Do you know you can take a bath with a waterproof cast in the swimmingpool or in the sea?

Do you know about the crutches for the beach?

If you have problems with your ears, Do you know you can take a bath with the neoprene band?

Have you taken the sun a lot and your skin is like a lobster? Try the new pH5 Hydrating Emulsion +BO. Calm your skin!

Don´t you know how to refresh your legs? Save the fan and put on them the Cold Gel Felbodinamic. Don´t forget it in your suitcase if you go in vacation and you have to walk a lot.

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